Beautiful skin is for Everyone


1. What to expect after one session?

A more rested look, refined pores, smoother skin, lifted and more awake eyes, less redness in skin, decreased acne, and a tighter jawline.

2. Why do a series of sessions?

The Lunchtime Lift is a cumulative process that we need to build up the adenosine triphosphate to build a reserve to help promote collagen and elastin as well as re-educate the muscle.

3. Can you do this with Botox or fillers?

The Lunchtime Lift can be performed on clients with or without Botox or fillers. It can be used in conjunction with both. The Lunchtime Lift is a natural alternative to aging gracefully. It is not a spot treatment. It is an overall treatment from the neck up, therefore treating the overall face and neck. In the long run it is more cost-effective than spot treatments, and less invasive.

4. Does it hurt?

No, not at all. It is non-invasive. There are no shots involved, no pain, no burning, no down time and best of all, no needles!